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Here are some of the AOP's comments about our pratice,

“From a friendly welcome to finishing touches, the optical team at Keyes Eyecare go the extra mile to help customers and colleagues."

"Good customer service and team work is at the heart of independent practice Keyes Eyecare, where welcoming, and getting to know, every patient is a matter of pride."

"The team also strive to provide a positive working environment, with staff supporting each other in and out of practice. The optical team are consulted on new technologies and frame stock, and are invited to contribute to improving patient journeys."

Judge Sally Bates' comment on what makes a winner.

“Communicating each patient’s eye care needs on a personal level, tailored to each individual, sets our AOP Awards winners apart”

If you want to find out more about the award more details are at

It has been wonderful how our patients, local businesses and friends have supported us in the public vote. Thank you!

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