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Single Vision Lenses

 SINGLE VISION scratch resistant lenses are available from £60 per pair. If you have a higher prescription, or want thinner lenses, high index lenses are worth considering. 1.6 MAR coated lenses, for example, reduce the thickness and weight of lenses by around one third and cost £150 per pair. If you have a very high prescription, ultra thin lens options are available to reduce thickness and weight further

Bifocal Lenses

BIFOCAL LENSES are available from £90 per pair and thinner lens materials are available in bifocals too.

Varifocal Lenses

VARIFOCAL LENSES are available from £100 per pair for a pair of conventional lenses and range up to several hundred pounds for the most recent designs.  The higher end of the range use the latest technology and give the most comfortable and natural vision.  Our most popular varifocal lenses are bespoke Easy Adapt Extra Wide lenses, which cost £320 per pair with anti-reflective coated lens surfaces.  They are designed and manufactured individually for you, taking into account the shape of your chosen frame, as well as the amount of the lens needed for different tasks. They allow the best possible vision across the lenses and are much easier to get used to than conventional varifocal designs.

To find out more about our approach to VARIFOCALS see  our VARIFOCALS AND YOU page

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