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Update on Cataract Research

07 June 2016
image for news article Update on Cataract Research

A natural part of the ageing of the eye is the clouding of the internal lens (called the crystalline lens). When this clouding interferes with vision, this is called cataract.

We have known for some time that the more UV light your eyes are exposed to throughout life, the higher the risk of cataract development.  However, a study carried out by Kings College, London of 324 pairs of twins followed up over a 10 year period has been published in recent weeks.

The study showed that those who have a diet rich in Vitamin C significantly decrease their chances of cataract development. Interestingly, taking Vitamin C as a dietary supplement wasn’t as effective as Vitamin C from the diet.

So, as well as a good quality well fitting pair of sunglasses, we now know that plenty of tomatoes, oranges, blackcurrants, peppers, broccoli and kale in your diet can reduce your chances of needing cataract surgery.  They are also the fruit and veg that we advise to help prevent macula degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the developed world. 

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