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Eye Examinations & Fees

Private Eye Examination  £59 - including digital imaging

Advanced Eye Examination  £74 - including digital imaging and OCT scan

Over 60s (NHS*) Eye Test  No Charge - traditional examination only*

Over 60s (NHS*) Eye Examination  £29 - including digital imaging

Over 60s (NHS*) Advanced Eye Examination  £44 - including digital imaging and OCT scan

*The NHS only covers the traditional methods of examining the eyes and not retinal imaging or OCT scanning.  The traditional techniques of using a hand held direct ophthalmoscope or hand held volk lens involve the optometrist scanning a light across the retina, much as you would use a searchlight.

You can find out whether you are entitled to help with the cost of your eye care by clicking on the file "NHS assistance with eye care costs" below.

andrew at Keyes Eyecare
andrew says:
OCT scanning hugely improves our understanding of the health of your eyes.
We recommend having a scan at each visit so that we can look for changes in eye health with time.
Sight loss can often be prevented if caught early and treated successfully. 

If you want more information about your specific situation please don't hesitate to get in touch.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) allows us to form a high-tech 3D image of the back of your eyes.
It provides a lot of extra information about the deeper layers of the structure of your eyes, which is why we are calling it our “Advanced Eye Examination”.

OCT scanning allows us to take a detailed view of both surface and deeper layers of the retina, including layers of the retina that either haven’t been visible before, or only by being seen at the hospital eye department.

The most common eye conditions that an OCT scan helps us to detect are age related macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, vitreous degeneration and macula hole. For most people, though, the benefit is extra reassurance about their eye health. 

OCT scanning is quick and painless but incorporates software that detects even the most subtle retinal changes at each examination.


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