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We love helping you to choose the perfect pair of glasses.  Our carefully thought out dispensing process means that your chosen glasses will feel comfortable as well as look great and give you the best possible vision.

For most people, the lighter their glasses, the more comfortable they will be to wear.

We are always embracing new frame and lens technologies to help people, especially those with higher prescriptions, to have light and comfortable glasses that they enjoy wearing.  We are approved stockists of LINDBERG, Silhouette, Stepper and Wolf rimless ranges as well as a large range of full rim lightweight frames from ranges such as Jaegar, Flexon, Oliver Goldsmith, Menrad and William Morris.

“Which should I choose first; the lenses or the frame?”

A great looking frame can be let down by a poor choice of lenses.  Or, lenses that could be wonderfully thin and light are put into a frame that makes them much thicker and heavier than they need to be.  The solution is that the choices of frame and lenses are best made together.

We understand that it can be a complicated process choosing new glasses, especially if the weight and thickneess of your glasses matters to you.  There are lots of decisions about coatings, lens material and frames.  But with our 4 stage process, you can be assured that your choice of new glasses is perfect for you.

  • Thoughtful choice of frame shape and design.

    Some prescriptions are much better suited to certain frame shapes than others.  We can show you the best shapes for your face as well as your prescription, meaning that your new glasses will look and feel great!

  • Selection of the best frame material for you.

    Frame and lens materials have come along way in recent years and you will be amazed at how light and strong our frames can be.

  • Careful consideration of your lens material.

    We will often advise that a high density lens will reduce the weight and thickness of your lenses.  But there can be disadvantages in choosing higher density lenses and we can guide you to the best choice of material for your prescription and the frame you have chosen.

  • Making a good choice of lens design.

    After choosing the best material to make your lenses from, we will consider the best design for the periphery of your lenses.  This means that not only will you get the best vision, but also control the weight and thickness of the lenses.

With our 4 stage process, most frame styles are an option for most people.  Even if you have been told that your prescription means that you can't wear rimless glasses, in almost every case there is an option for you.

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Great service - We always go to this practice because of the informed staff, range of frames and great service. The fact it's independent means you get a personalised service. I would highly recommend this practice.

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Local Gem - I have been a client of my optician for over a decade. Have always been impressed with their thoroughness and empathy. Nothing is too much trouble and great care is always exercised with all tests.

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