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Contact Lenses

Our contact lens care plan is set up to give you peace of mind about your eye health, eye care and contact lenses.

Looking for a contact lens care package that offers you peace of mind about your eyes, contact lenses and vision?

Peace of mind about your eye health.   All recommended routine contact lens aftercare appointments and eye examinations are included.

Peace of mind about the cost of your eye care.   Any additional eyecare or contact lens appointments that you might need are included.

Peace of mind about your contact lenses.   Free replacement lenses for damaged or lost monthly or fortnightly lenses (up to 2 per eye per year) are included.

At Keyes Eyecare we understand the freedom contact lenses give you. We can work with you to give you comfortable, effective contact lens wear. We offer products to reduce irritation or dryness and give you advice on taking care of your contacts and your eyes.

caroline at Keyes Eyecare
caroline says:

Our contact lens care plan is designed to give you quality contact lenses that suit your needs, as well as regular monitoring of the health of your eyes - all in one convenient, great value package!

Contact lens pricing

Contact lens fitting fees: £50.00

This single, one off payment provides:

  • As many appointments as are needed to find the best lenses for you
  • Unlimited lens handling and lens care instruction to ensure that you become a happy, confident contact lens wearer.

Contact lens care fees:

We work closely with you to ensure that you get the best out of your eyes and lenses.  By returning for regular reviews we can monitor the health of your eyes and the success of your lens wear.

By seeing you regularly we can keep you informed of the latest developments in the contact lens market to give you the clearest most comfortable lens wear possible.

Monthly Eyecare scheme: £12 pcm

The eyecare scheme provides unlimited contact lens aftercare and eye examinations.

All of our monthly and fortnightly soft contact lenses include membership of the Eyecare scheme, so no further fees are payable.

Monthly costs  (includes membership of the Eyecare scheme and solutions where applicable)

Monthly lenses                from £25 pcm
Fortnightly lenses  from £28 pcm
Daily lenses  from £38 pcm

As an independent optician, we can order lenses from many different contact lens suppliers. If you currently wear, or are interested in, a specific lens, please contact us and we can give you more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you make your first order you pay for the first three months supply and set up a monthly direct debit for future payments. This means that once your next three month supply is due, your lenses are fully paid for and ready to collect. By way of example, if you are receiving three months supply of Air Optix Aqua, you pay £84 for your first three months supply and set up a direct debit for £28pcm starting at the end of the first month.

Our care plan is set up to ensure that all of our contact lens wearers have regular aftercare. Many contact lens associated problems occur without wearers being aware of them, so you may not be aware of problems developing until damage is done. Our aim is for you to successfully wear contact lenses for many years to come. This is best achieved through our care plan. We believe so strongly that this is the right approach for you that we don't provide contact lens care on a pay-by-appointment basis.

We want to ensure that all of our contact lens wearers have thorough and regular examinations, so we only supply contact lenses to members of our care plan.

There is no age that is “too young” it depends on the individual needs and maturity of each child. With multifocal lenses now being used for myopia control, it can be beneficial to start lens wear as young as 6. Research has shown that primary school children do very well with contact lenses and we have many children wearing contact lenses confidently and successfully. We allow plenty of time to teach them how to apply and remove lenses as well as look after their eyes and lenses. We feel that our success in fitting younger children with contact lenses is because we do so in a fun and engaging way.

Happy Customers

Friendly, high-quality service - I found Keyes Eyecare to be extremely thorough with their testing, care and follow-up. ...they tried hard to find contact lenses that would let more oxygen through and still match the comfort of my current ones. I've never had such friendly, high quality service from an optician and would definitely recommend Keyes.

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