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We know that people can find choosing new glasses a hassle and confusing, frustrating even, so we do everything we can to make it an enjoyable, effortless experience.

Looking for a different approach to choosing new glasses?

Each frame we stock is chosen specifically with people like you in mind. As a team we have over 100 years of experience meaning that, as well as adivsing on what looks great, we know what will work for you and what may cause problems further down the line.

In many opticians you'll find rows and rows of glasses that all look the same. We do things a bit differently as all of our frame stock is hand-selected. This means that we are thinking of what our patients will love as we select stock. 

Every frame we choose is done so for a reason. There is a lot of competition to get frames into stock at Keyes Eyecare so we can be fussy about what we stock and hand-pick frames with people like you in mind.

olivia at Keyes Eyecare
olivia says:

"I would summarise our approach to eyewear in two words - quality and style.  Style without quality is bound to disappoint sooner or later; quality without style is just boring!  Our preferred frame ranges combine these two so we can bring you a new pair of glasses and a new image if you want that, perfectly suited to you."

We really do get excited about glasses! Why not get in touch to find out why?

There is a lot of competition to get frames into stock at Keyes Eyecare – so we can be very fussy about the frames we stock.. and we really are! We scrutinise the ranges of frames on offer from each supplier we deal with. For every 500 frames that we view, we might only choose to stock a dozen or less.

Favouring smaller, more exclusive designers

At the designer end of the range, we favour smaller, more exclusive designers. We just don't get excited by mass produced designer brands and believe the emphasis should be on the style not the logo on the side. So, we purposely avoid these labels, constantly on the lookout for exciting niche designers and independent eyewear brands.

Happy Customers

Friendly, high-quality service - I found Keyes Eyecare to be extremely thorough with their testing, care and follow-up. ...they tried hard to find contact lenses that would let more oxygen through and still match the comfort of my current ones. I've never had such friendly, high quality service from an optician and would definitely recommend Keyes.

NHS Choices

Very friendly, always helpful and extremely professional - a great local practice with very knowledgable staff, the whole team are very patient and professional. Everything is explained during a very thorough eye test and so helpful with advice on choosing the right frames. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or pressurised.

NHS Choices

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If you are ready to book an appointment, please call us on 0191 284 7361 or book an appointment and we'l'l talk you through the next steps. We're conveniently located for Jesmond, Kenton, Tyne Valley, Wideopen and Ponteland with free on-street parking.
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